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Usmani and Company

Usmani & Co. a global Shariah-Advisory firm,  offers comprehensive advisory services in the Islamic Financial ECO-system, by leveraging its global presence, integrated structure, and a team of internationally recognized award-winning Scholars, Islamic Banking, and Financial experts.


Usmani & Co. is unique to have proven expertise to offer customized solutions, with multi-disciplinary, multi-linguistic, and globally present strategic partners.

Sheikh Taqi Usmani

Chief Patron

Justice Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani Leading scholar for the Deobandis and in Islamic finance Justice Sheikh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani is a leading scholar of Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic finance. A global authority on Islamic finance and father of modern-day Islamic finance, currently Chairman of International Sharia Council for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) in Bahrain.


He is also a permanent member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, one of the highest legal bodies in the Muslim world He served as Judge of the Shari’at Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan from 1982 to May 2002. He specializes in Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and financial matters.  Authored more than 80 books (many multi-volumes) in Urdu, Arabic and English, including a translation of the Qur’an in both English and Urdu as well a 6-volume commentary on the Sahih Muslim in Arabic. He has served on the boards and as chairman, of over a dozen Islamic banks and financial institutions,

Dr. Imran Usmani

CEO & President

Dr. Muhammad Imran Usmani, a Shariah scholar in Islamic Finance with specialization (Takhassus) in Islamic Fiqh and fatwa from Jamia Darul-Uloom, Karachi.


Dr. Muhammad Imran Usmani, an Executive Committee Member of AAOIFI, Shariah Advisor and Group Head of the Product Development & Shariah Compliance Department (PDSC) at Meezan Bank, is responsible for R&D and Product Development of Islamic banking products, He serves as an advisor for Shariah-compliant banking and supervision of Shariah Audit & Compliance. and Shariah Supervisory Board of International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM) Bahrain and International Center for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) Malaysia, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi and Center for Islamic Economics (CIE), Karachi.


Dr. Imran Usmani is the author of numerous publications related to Islamic finance and other Shariah-related subjects. He has presented papers in numerous national and international seminars and has delivered lectures at academic institutions including Harvard, LSE, LUMS and IBA. Dr. Usmani is also the head of Hira Foundation School, a project of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi to provide a high standard education from Montessori level to University level combining conventional modern academics with Islamic teachings. He also serves as a lecturer of different subjects of Shariah and is amongst the administration board of Jamia Darul-Uloom, Karachi. He is a visiting faculty member at Karachi University and IBA.

Mufti Hassan Kaleem

Member of Board of Advisors

Mufti Muhammad Hassan Kaleem is an esteemed Shariah Scholar and member of Shariah Advisory Board Dubai Islamic Bank. He studied Islamic Jurisprudence at Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi, and specialized in the science of issuing Islamic legal edicts. He serves on the Shariah board of a number of institutions including Deloitte, Dubai Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Bank, Amana Bank, Awal Modaraba Management Limited, etc.

He is renowned as an expert on Takaful. Currently, he is the Chairman of Pak Qatar Takaful group and also serves on the board of Hanover Re Takaful Bahrain, Takaful Emirates UAE, Ademjee General Takaful Window, State Life Takaful Window, etc. He is a member of the visiting faculty of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi,  IBA Karachi, and Center of Islamic Economics Karachi (CIE).

Farhan Usmani

Panel Member and Board Co-Ordinator

Muhammad Farhan UI Haq Usmani is a Certified Islamic Banker from the Center for Islamic Economics, a Division of Jamia Dar ul Uloom Karachi. Currently, he holds the position of Executive Vice President & Head of Shariah Audit & Advisory, Meezan Bank Pakitan. His areas of research include Islamic Capital Markets, Shariah Compliant Funds & Asset Management, Islamic Banking Product & Services Development, and Shariah Audit & Compliance. He is a frequent national & international speaker and visiting faculty member at various leading institutions like IBA Karachi, National Institute of Banking & Finance, CIBES (COM-MECS), Institute of Bankers Pakistan, and CIE. He is a founding member of the Karachi Stock Exchange’s Index Committee of KMI 30 Index.