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Shariah-Compliant trading platform backed by TDAmeritrade and Interactive Broker

Shariah Compliant Trading Platform and Services
Innovative Business Solutions for Stock Screening

A leading trusted global solution provider, offers world-class equity investment screening, data analytics, and related financial services with Shariah and Islamic / Ethical investment options. A pioneer in promoting Shariah-compliant investment solutions. The Zeal is now the first choice for investors to break new ground in the global expansion of Islamic Finance

Shariah Compliant Screening

Invest in line with your faith. Use one of the shariah defined world-renowned screening standards (AAOIFI, DJIM, S&P, MSCI, KMI, etc.) available globally to filter the equities along with Custom defined methodology provided by Shariah Board of the customer.

Ethical Screening of Stock

Invest in socially responsible investment (SRI) – the best of class, companies across all industries who are more ethically responsible than their peers.

Financial Analysis of Stock

Use “The Zeal” to envision your investment risk & return. Analyze the equities in a depth using both the Technical as well as Fundamental Analysis to crack the inside out by using our technologically evolving state of the art software for efficient asset allocation.

XBRL Data Analysis

Member of XBRL US and XBRL International, A next-generation financial data platform for data analysts and investors who wants to go a level deeper. Within minutes from SEC's corporate financial repository to analysts with as-filed data, in line-item detail. We provide all the reported numbers from 10-K, 20-F, 40-F and 10-Q. We also provide the details from SEC Forms like Form 4 and Form 13.

In-Depth End-to-End Analysis with Shariah Compliant screening

Our Shariah screening and approval capabilities are strengthened by our world-class Shariah Advisor "Usmani and Company". Sheikh Taqi Usmani Sahab is the chief patron and Dr Imran Usmani is the President and CEO of the company.

Engineered to make a difference

Our solution provides faith-based screen along with fundamental and technical analysis of stock/equity

Meezan Bank uses "The Zeal" platform to perform the Shariah-Compliant screening of KMI 30 and KMI All-Share indices (Pakistan's Shariah-compliant Indices)

We combine traditional financial services and Shariah screening work with vibrant, cutting-edge
FinTech services

The Zeal Platform serves as a gateway for both institutional and individual investors seeking financial data and other related services including
portfolio management software, regulatory filing, corporate actions / news etc.

Shariah Compliant Certification

Shariah certification differentiates a product and makes it eligible for investment by Islamic investors. Shariah Certification is an important step which adds the required credibility to Islamic product offering. Clients and investors seek to work with such products which have credible Shariah certification or Fatwa.


Our Shariah Advisors “Usmani and Company” under supervision of Chief Patron Sheikh Taqi Usmani (Father of modern Islamic Finance and Chairman of AAOIFI Shariah board) and its President and & CEO Dr. Imran Usmani along with senior renowned scholars of an extensive experience of no-match in the Islamic Financial world reviewed our Shariah-Compliant product and granted the FATWA.

Solution For

Financial Industry


Trading Platform

Our robust platform (backed by TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers), let you trade Shariah-Compliant multi-asset products (Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Commodities, etc.) in world global markets.
We offer our services in 33 countries, 135 markets, and 33 currencies across the globe.

Portfolio & Order Management Services

Use our portfolio and order management platform to manage your portfolio. Now with our state-of-the-art platform, you can define your own portfolio strategies based on fundamental or technical indicators or by combining both. Manage multiple portfolios in a single view to analyze risk and return.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Use our state-of-art software to analyze the equities in a depth to crack the inside out. We provide a comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis along with ratios, charts and comparison. Company’s filing include both as reported (consolidated and unconsolidated) as well standardized (consolidated and unconsolidated) data which include balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, insider trading, changes in shareholder equity along with analytical reporting and dash boards.
We also provide technical analysis via charts and graphs
• intraday, daily, weekly and monthly charts
• 3 different chart types;
o linear, logarithmic and percentage scale
• All major indicators
• Data in the table and excel downloadable format
• Drawing tools like lines, trend channels, text, Fibonacci retracements and many more

Codification and Classification crosswalk

Zeal provides conversion tables between different Industry classification code such as SIC, NAICS, NACE, GICS, ICB and others. These correspondence tables are available on demand.
Zeal also, provide enhanced search functionality for publicaly listed companies (glabally) to search them based ISIN, SEDOL, CUSIP, NAICS, GICS, NACE, SIC, ICB, LEI etc. For details, please contact us.

Shariah-Compliant Advisory Services

The Zeal along with its partners provides other Shariah-related services, including annual Shariah audit and certification, developing Islamic investment products, structuring Sukuk bonds, creating and tracking proprietary Shariah Index funds, takaful funds, and other Islamic financial products.

Takaful Tech Services

Fulfilling the Shariah requirements of Insurance industry along with Technology
• Define Line of Business-like Marine, Motor etc. (unlimited)
• Define Sub Class Export, Import, Personal Accident, Third Party (unlimited sub classes can be configured)
• Complete product can be designed from front end using Factors and sub-Factors for each Sub class.
• Other details can be configured using dynamic forms for each Sub class.
• Referral / Agent information recording
• Auto Coinsurance breakup on predefined panel.
• Scalable and Extendable to cover any type of Insurance needs.

Our Partners & Advisors

Our Shariah, Strategic and Technical Advisors