In response to the lack of quality, orthodox and dynamic process to screen the equity of listed companies in light of divine guidance, “The Zeal” is established to be a global leading and trusted solution provider for high quality digitized Islamic/Ethical stock screening, financial data and its related services.

With its technology hub in the heart of  Silicon Valley and Head Quarter in Toronto Canada, we are focused to provide different services around global equity market data which includes Financial Data Services, Portfolio Management Software, Custom Software Development, Evaluation of Equity stocks, Insider and Institutional Trading Insights, Corporate Actions/News and all sorts of publicly available reports (annual report, earnings, etc.) in all available readable and researchable format e.g. Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.

Keeping pace with the evolution and significant growth of value investing which is line with the shariah principles, we have been enhancing our tools and services to provide a Shariah screening that is backed and bolstered by our world-class Shariah Board and the highly experienced and qualified management.

Our best-fit solutions are of high-level fiduciary standards and as a fintech and business consulting company we continually break new ground to make Shariah Compliant investing a first choice for investors and in pioneering the global expansion of Islamic finance.


To make Shariah Compliant investing a first choice for investors.


To establish The Zeal as a leading and trusted brand for financial data and its related services by offering innovative Shariah compliant investment solutions through ethical conduct, value added services.


The Zeal established a vision of becoming a leading and trusted brand for financial data by offering innovative Shariah compliant investment solutions through Stock Screening and Data services as its premium products.

Shariah Stock Screening

The Zeal along with its renowned shariah advisory board bring its vast experience and cutting-edge research to ensure the screening process is in line with the Shariah principles

Use one of the sharia defined screening standards from world renowned standards (AAOIFI, DJIM, S&P, MSCI, KMI, etc.) available globally to filter the equities along with Custom defined methodology provided by Shariah Board of customer.

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Ethical Screening of Stocks

Invest in socially responsible investment (SRI) – the best of class, companies across all industries who are more ethically responsible than their peers.

Financial Analysis of Stocks

Use “The Zeal” to envision your investment risk & return. Analyze the equities  in a depth using both the Technical as well as Fundamental Analysis to crack the inside out by using our technologically evolving state of the art software for efficient allocation of the investment.


The Zeal team is composed of people from diversified background including IT, business and Islamic Finance. Our experienced team members coming from the heart of world technology (Silicon Valley), SAP Labs (SAP R&D hub), big management consulting firms like Ernst & Young (E&Y) and Tower Watson.


Usmani & Co. (UCO) Pvt. Limited, managed by world renowned Islamic finance experts and award-winning international Shariah Scholars. It provides Islamic finance consultancy, Shariah advisory and other related ancillary services.

UCO offers unmatched tailor-made specialist Islamic financial solutions with multi-disciplinary, multi-linguistic and cross-border capabilities comprising of a vast team of professionals from all related disciplines and the support network of strategic partners. For further information about company please visit: http://www.usmaniandco.com/our-team/

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Dar Al Sharia is a one-stop Sharia solution provider pioneering in the provision of complete Sharia advisory services to Islamic banks, Islamic finance companies (including Islamic windows), Takaful companies, Islamic Funds, Sukuk and corporate institutions. Dar Al Sharia provides a unique combination of Sharia advisory services customized to meet different jurisdictions and regulations.

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We provide high quality professional services to make your business more successful.

Financial data services

The Zeal aims to be a world class provider of financial data that leverages innovative technologies for oversight and control. This data service is used for many different types of analytics that are usually built in-house by portfolio managers and financial analysts as per need basis. This helps various users of the data ranging from fund managers to credit rating agencies, banks and other individual users to make informed decisions regarding allocation of resources. Our financial data includes stock prices data, SEC’s EDGAR filings, insider trading/transaction info (SEC Form 4), Institutional investment filing (SEC Form 13F) along with Company’s multi-years financial historic data of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, other comprehensive income and etc..

 Apart from Islamic stock screening we also take pride in providing fundamental & technical analysis of stocks along with custom defined screening criteria with over 200+ data points to our valued clients.

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Portfolio Management

Use The Zeal’s portfolio management services to manage your investment for corporate or individual through our world renowned and professionally acclaimed partners. Our software will provide a single source of truth view across all your portfolio companies enabling you to gain visibility into the performance of all your investments, companies, and funds.

Now with our state of the art software you can define your own portfolio strategies based on fundamental or technical indicators or by combining both and manage multiple portfolios from a single place along with re-balancing based on the defined criteria

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Investment Advisory software

Advisors can use “The Zeal” software to manage the investments and returns to achieve client’s goals. Analyze the equities in a depth to crack the inside out by using our technologically evolving state of the art software.

With our strong partnership with the world’s largest Islamic financial advisory firm Dar al Sharia (the consulting wing of Dubai Islamic Bank) and Usmani and Co Pvt Ltd., we also offer other Sharia related services which includes annual Sharia Audit and certification of company, the designing of Islamic investment products, structuring of Sukuk bonds, creation and monitoring of sharia Index funds, takaful funds and other Islamic financial products.


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Yoonek is state-of-the-art platform with special feature to screen the stocks from Islamic Shariah perspective, with the calculations (publicly available information) based on all renowned Shariah screening standard/methodologies that are commonly adopted and practiced globally (e.g. AAOIFI, KMI, etc.). These standards have been certified by world’s distinguished Shariah scholars (including Sheikh Mufti Taqi Usmani, Sheikh Nizam Yaquby, Sheikh Dr. Esam ‘Anezi, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah, Datuk Dr. M. Daud Bakar etc.). The Yoonek, screened stocks are verified and certified by the Zeal’s Shariah board led by distinguished scholar Dr. Imran Usmani (Usmani and Co. Pvt Ltd).

The Yoonek has been designed with the capability to add a new methodology to perform the screening of stocks with the capability to tweak the existing calculation/s as well, if required by client’s own Shariah board. The platform also provides a comparative analysis between the different calculations/methodologies. Yoonek also provides a historical analysis of stocks from Shariah Compliant perspective including the details of respective ratios and their thresholds.

Screening any stock against multiple methodologies gives you an edge by expanding your Shariah compliant existing universe, helping you to leap forward with investment returns that currently no one offers. This universe of screened stocks also comes with Shariah compliant certification from Zeal’s Shariah Board.

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