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Who We Are

A leading trusted global solution provider, offers world-class equity investment screening, data analytics, and related financial services with Shariah and Islamic / Ethical investment options..

Our Mission

To make Shariah-compliant investing the first choice for investors.

Our Vision

Maintaining the leading position as the most trusted and reliable provider of innovative shariah-compliant investment solutions, financial data, and related services and continuing running our business as per the highest ethical standards.


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We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

A leading trusted global solution provider offers world-class equity investment screening, data analytics, and related financial services as per Shariah and Islamic / Ethical guidelines. As a pioneer in promoting Shariah-compliant investment strategies, The Zeal is now the first choice for investors to break new ground in the global expansion of Islamic Finance. The Zeal assures accuracy for investors building Shariah-compliant portfolios as the screening process is validated and accredited by the world-class Shariah Advisor (Usmani & Company Shariah Advisors: Under the supervision of Sheikh Taqi Usmani: Chief Patron of the company and current Chairman of AAOIFI -world’s only Shariah Standards setting organization and many other international institutions, Dr. Muhammad Imran Usmani, CEO & President) and our highly experienced management.

The Zeal screens each stock by the world’s most acceptable methodologies of Shariah complaint screening standards. This approach results in an increase of the universe and thus provide more added value to the portfolio managers from a strategic point of view and gives an extra edge to dynamically define flexible products. The Zeal does not provide a blanket Shariah-Complaint certificate but provides certification for each individually screened stock.
Our international universe is composed of large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap Shariah-compliant equities from various sectors, covering the major indices of the respective countries.

In addition to our Shariah stock universe, we also do the on-demand Shariah-Complaint screening based on the Asset/Portfolio Manager’s requirement.
The Zeal platform serves as a gateway for both institutional and individual investors seeking Financial Data Services, Portfolio and Order Management platform, Regulatory Filings, Corporate Actions/News (e.g., annual & quarterly reports and earnings announcements), Insider and Institutional Trading Insights. You can access and import everything into easy-to-read formats like Excel, PDF, and HTML. We combine traditional financial analysis with a vibrant, cutting edge technology and thus making it a robust FinTech solution. We maintain an international outlook and are based in Toronto, Canada with our technology center in Silicon Valley. We serve clients all over the world, in both developed and emerging economies.