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Roshan Digital Pakistan

Roshan Digital Pakistan

As a Non-Resident Pakistani would you like to build your wealth in Pakistan?

If your answer is “YES” then ROSHAN DIGITAL PAKISTAN ACCOUNT (RDA) is the solution for you
Roshan Digital Pakistan (RDA) account: Roshan Digital Account (RDA), a first-of-its-kind formal digital channel that allows the foreign currency to flow into Pakistan through documented means. RDA enables overseas Pakistanis to open a bank account digitally/online from anywhere outside of Pakistan without visiting a branch and permits account holders to send money into their account. RDA FAQ


“The Zeal”…?

When you sign up for Rohshan Digital Pakistan you will be eligible to use “The Zeal” services and platform free of cost. The Zeal platform provides a single place to manage all of your investments at the same place e.g. Stocks, mutual funds, Sukuk, REIT, ETFs, etc.

Who is eligible?

  • Individual Non-Resident Pakistani Nationals Having CNIC/SNIC/NICOP
  • Non-Resident Individuals/Foreign Nationals having Pakistan Origin Card (POC), Resident Pakistanis having assets abroad and officials of Federal or Provincial governments posted abroad.

Required Documents

The following scanned documents are required for the opening of the Roshan Digital Account:

  • Customer CNIC / SNIC / NICOP / POC
  • Customer Passport (first 2 pages, Pakistani and/or foreign / passport of other country)
  • Specimen Signature (scanned on a white page)

Where you can invest

  • Naya Pakistan Shariah Certificates
  • PSX
  • Mutual Funds
  • Auto Financing
  • Social Work / Charity

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